Photography was my main hobby about 25 years ago while going through high school. This hobby was given new life over the last year while taking photos of my boys playing football, soccer, basketball, and wrestling.

I'm enjoying my re-introduction to photography. I really enjoy taking pictures of my boys playing sports and sharing team photos with families showing the emotion and determination of young athletes.

I'm always open to comments, suggestions, and recommendations. I'm also interested in other photo opportunities - so if you have an idea or questions, drop me a line.

Thanks for going through my site,

John Calhoun

(since I'm usually behind the camera...I hardly have any pictures of me to post on this page. So - to prevent the ugly 'Picture goes here' box - I put this cheesy photo of me doing Turkish Get-Ups at Crossfit Omaha. This is just a temp photos until I find something better :)